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Wedding stationery

Cultures the world over, from ancient times, have celebrated weddings as very important occasions. Here, in our culture, we invite the people we love, those who have watched us grow, nurtured us and challenged us to do the best we could. These ceremonies are full of the richness and joy that happiness shared can reveal. Modern day weddings are planned in great detail to reflect the hopes and dreams of the couple.

Wedding stationery examples

The invitation you send, to ask friends and family to share in the celebration of your marriage, is the first and only official correspondence you will have with them about the wedding you have planned. Therefore, it is very important and needs to be considered carefully.

Wedding stationery example

The selection of invitations has a very practical function. A considerate host eliminates uncertainty for guests and an invitation needs to clearly convey all the important details. Where you want people to be? When? How are they to dress? What to expect on the day? Exactly who is invited? Will they need to eat before they arrive? As weddings tend to be more personalised and unique these days, your guests will appreciate you letting them know and they will feel far more comfortable knowing exactly what you have in mind.

Example wedding stationery

Invitations should reach your guests between eight and six weeks before the big day. A Save the Date announcement is a good idea if you are planning to ask guests to travel from far away.

There is another purpose of the invitation, which is to set the tone for your wedding.

Happily, these days, your wedding can be as individual as you are. There are destination weddings in exotic and wonderful places, weddings in elegant cathedrals or tiny country churches, celebrations in parks, barns, on beaches and at the top of skyscrapers. The stationery you choose should reflect the style that you and your partner have both chosen for your most special day together. Receiving such an invitation creates a sense of excitement and anticipation in your guests.

Example wedding stationery featuring fern leaves

Staff at Plane Tree Studio, offer a design service which will create stationery exclusively for you. You can choose from the albums of samples or ask for a design to be adapted to your needs.

The Studio has a range of exquisite and unique handmade papers which are manufactured in our Hobart paper mill at our Murray Street address. You can order paper to be made in a distinctive style and/or colour, custom made, just for you. Alternatively, there are stock papers from the traditional to the more contemporary. Once the paper is selected then the print styles to match are ready for you to peruse.

Example wedding stationery featuring black pattern

Successful weddings take a lot of time and effort and everyone dreams of a wonderful day. Give us the chance set the scene for your guests with a beautiful invitation and your day will have the best possible chance of being stress free and perfect.

You can have all this as well as knowing that your invitations have been created for you by a Tasmanian business, established in 1986, employing Tasmanians who have more than 55 years of combined experience in producing elegant invitations from paper which is 100% recycled and sustainably sourced.

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