Free postage within Australia for all orders over $75.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still order a card if it is out of stock?

If a card is out of stock and you would like to place an order, please email us

Do you always have every card on your website in stock?

If the card which you order has had a number of orders recently it is remotely possible that it may not be in stock. If this happens we will get in touch with you and negotiate any time delay.

Can I personalise your card designs by having my own message printed inside your cards?

Indeed you can. For orders of more than 20 cards we will do this free of charge. Orders of 20 cards or fewer will be price on application. This process may take two weeks before it is ready to leave our shop. Please note each card has exactly the same message and would need to be personalised to the receiver.

If I wanted to send Christmas cards to 50 families, can you print a message inside from my family to save me writing it 50 times?

Yes. We have many customers who choose one design every year, have it personalised and send that card to friends and family all over the world. This needs to be organised early in September to be sure of the timing. We also do this for many small to medium sized businesses who believe that the personal touch works to keep the loyalty of their customers. Please note each card has exactly the same message and would need to be personalised to the receiver.

Can I have my own design printed on a card?

This may be possible but we would have to ascertain whether the design is suitable to screen printing. If it is we would be happy to quote for multiples. As we need to create screens for printing the price for small numbers may be prohibitive.

Do you only supply handmade paper products?

Plane Tree specialises in handmade papers which are 100% recycled, we also use a range of high quality commercial papers.

When can I expect you to send my order?

Once we receive your order, and we establish it is in stock, we will package and send via Australia Post within 2 working days. We will also make sure that you are supplied with a tracking number.

How long does it take if I personalise the cards by adding a message?

This varies according to the amount/style/complexity of the design. We would contact you for verification and give you a time estimate.

Can I rely on the claim that your paper is recycled?

Indeed you can. Our paper is made from re-pulped industry waste collected from many business sources who have joined with us to reduce their waste. They allow us to minimise how much paper is actually disposed of as waste. We cannot bleach the print from paper as this is a toxic chemical process, but, we can rationalise and only discard the paper which actually has print on it. You would be amazed how much paper can be saved in this way.

We do make some papers that have native fibres added to them for strength, beauty and interest. These fibres are all ethically sourced from private gardens, council pruning and/or collection of windfall.

Do you wholesale Plane Tree Products?

Wholesale arrangements are available by email contact which include your Business name, ABN and website details.